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Who are we?

Many logistics companies make state of the art systems a major selling point. MII-Vector also believes implicitly in having the right tools for the job.

But our management and support teams have been built upon the rock of hard-won, long-time, battlefield experience in facing and resolving just about every known problem a hotel project manager is likely to face - plus a few more besides. It’s the people who make the difference.

MII-Vector is built upon people. People who know what to do and when to do it. Who can be relied upon to work the hours needed to do the job long after the computers have gone home. People who will not let you down. Who’s raison d’etre is to deliver excellence.

Doug Morrison Marketing & Sales Director Doug Morrison Marketing & Sales Director has been successfully involved with FFE for almost 34 years, closely associated with supply and integrated logistics at the top hotels in UK, Europe and the Middle East. From running a furniture factory employing 220 people, his knowledge of FFE, Manufacture, Quality Control and Distribution is encyclopaedic. Doug, Jeremy and Richard have worked together on many highly prestigious hotel projects; both new hotels and refurbishment of existing. Doug believes that there is a real need for a team of experienced FFE Logistical professionals in many European countries where the hospitality sector support structure is either in its’ infancy or is less highly developed or as knowledgeable as MII-Vector.
Jeremy Wood Project Director Jeremy Wood Project Director started in the Logistics industry 29 years ago, moving upward developing sales and operations, then with the Military import and export Division. Joining an international relocation organisation in 1996 he was responsible for Roll Out logistics for the new switching equipment from the USA for Orange UK, Orange France, France Telecom and Bouygues Telecom over an area ranging over UK, Europe and North Africa. He became totally immersed in the FFE Logistical Project Management for many new hotels and hotel refurbishments. Jeremy has been responsible for expanding the fleet of specialised vehicles totally suited to the safe and efficient transport of FFE.
Richard Dolan Operations Director Richard Dolan Operations Director began his career with the then world-renowned Pickfords Group in 1985 then moved up through the industry’s top Movers, taking up a senior position with Britannic Exhibition Freight in 1990; ITEC Group in 1996 - Britannic’s Holding Company - as Development Director, to create and develop sales and operations across the Group’s various activities. Became Chief Operating officer with another well known company and in 2001 won the first of many awards for services to the industry, amongst which are the 2006 British and European Standards for Furniture Logistics and British Kite Mark for Removals.
Darren Francis Project Manager Darren Francis Project Manager having worked in this industry for over 21 years; his early responsibilities were in international sales, operations andcommercial relocations, subsequently moving into project management. One of his biggest challenges, the Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust’s merging off our hospitals into one over three years introduced him to just about every conceivable logistical problem - and their solutions - and made him eminently suited to satisfying MIIVector’s need for people skills, flexibility and an ability to think outside the square.