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When you are commissioning a new hotel, club or casino,or refurbishing an existing, you need to know that the movement and safe-keeping of furniture, fittings and equipment are in the hands of people who know exactly what they are doing.

Every project is bespoke - tailored to our Client’sindividual requirements. Our services extend over every aspect of Logistics and are as comprehensive as you want them to be. MII-Vector have the facilities, knowledge and capability to take on the largest projects.

MII-Vector’s professionals have over thirty years in-depth experience of working with top hotels and resorts, ensuring everything moves in or/and out according to schedule. Commissioning a new hotel or refurbishing an existing, we are completely committed to providing dedicated, integrated logistical solutions.

We have an empathetic understanding of the many problems encountered back and front of house; particularly when a hotel remains open during
its’ refurbishment.

Every MII-Vector team is flexible and will integrate fully within the Client’s overall project strategy. Regardless of which country, we are working in,
our British management are always on-site, working with our local colleagues who bring bi-lingual communication and local knowledge, essential
to the success of any project.

Anyone who knows about hotel refurbishment will tell you that no matter how well planned the project is, there are a million and one things which
can go wrong and for each of these there will be a knock-on effect which will create havoc with a lot of finely tuned schedules -including future
Guest Room reservations.

Older hotels were not designed to make a present day refurbishment easy. Many originate from more elegant times when life was simpler
andlabour cheap. Tiny lifts - to be shared with staff labouring to maintain a five star service for the Guests - who have to be the paramount priority
for any hotel - are just one example. Back of house corridors clogged with all manner of things are another. And so on. So, it is our job to work
our way around such obstacles. And this is where we and the hotel need to work so closely together that distinction between contractor and
client dims as we become a single entity, working as a team to get the job done - and to enable maximised occupancywithout causing irritation or
inconvenience to guests.

New hotel projects have their own unique logistical characteristics but having been designed to afford ease of accessibility and movement, will
generally offer a less complex risk assessment. MII-Vector’s in-depth attention to planning, control and execution, designed to take nothing for
granted, aims to minimise or eliminate risk where possible, based upon years of experience and lateral thinking. In-coming goods from various
suppliers can be stored in our local Warehouse - wherever that might be - until we are instructed to deliver to the hotel.
In many hotels, as commercial pressures combine to make completion by a certain date beyond dispute, we can find painters, carpenters,
curtain hangers, hyper-ventilating project managers, designers and others each invading the others’ space; each experiencing their own particular

At MII-Vector we are used to thinking on our feet. To make innovative thinking and solutions the norm.

To expecting the unexpected. And then dealing with it. To our Client’s satisfaction.